A Taiwanese Dim Sum Experience in Silicon Valley

I have long heard about Din Tai Fung, a popular international chain restaurant known for its exquisite steamed soup dumplings (“XiaoLongBao”) and other dim sum dishes. Originated from Taiwan, the chain now has many locations throughout Asia, the U.S. and Australia. The restaurants are usually situated in trendy shopping malls and bustling business centers.  Continue reading

A Visit to the Birthplace of California Cuisine

Whether you live in California or not, you probably have heard the term “California Cuisine.” What exactly does California Cuisine refer to in popular food culture?

In the book Culture and Customs of the United States: Culture (Shearer, Benjamin F., Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007, Pages 212-213), culture expert Benjamin F. Shearer summarized the features of California Cuisine with two phrases: “locally grown fresh ingredients” and “a fusion of tastes from all over the world.” Indeed, in popular food literature and review, California Cuisine is always associated with freshly prepared local ingredients and internationally influenced fusion dishesContinue reading