Blueberry Shrimp Walnut Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

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Shrimp salads are often made with shrimps boiled in plain water. How about adding a little flavor and color to the shrimps? How about adding some warm textures to the salad?

Today, I tried making a colorful salad dish with shrimps boiled in blueberry soup.  Continue reading

Fresh Choice Shrimp with Mango Yogurt Sauce


Popular in all food cultures, freshly peeled, deveined shrimps not only add appeal to a dish, but also provide excellent source of protein for human bodies. Shrimp is actually a very versatile ingredient for making colorful, palatable cuisines. It works well with almost all cooking styles and matches a wild variety of ingredients. Today, I created a healthy shrimp platter with fresh garden greens, avocado, edamane, mango, and plain yogurt. Continue reading