Do You Want To Be A King And A Prince?—Common Bad Eating Habits Among High School Students

It’s one of those busy school days. You are summoned up from bed by the alarm clock, barely having enough time to wash your face and brush your teeth before Eat1you rush to the school. You tell yourself and everyone: I do not have time for breakfast. When you get hungry in the later part of the morning, you gobble up a bag of potato chips while rushing between classrooms during the break. By lunch time, your stomach is full and you now do not have an appetite for lunch—the school lunch is not palatable anyway, plus you have club meetings at lunch time. You skip the lunch with perfect justifications.

The routine above may be common among your peers, but it reveals a serious, health-threatening problem among high school students. Continue reading

Why Should High Schools Have Bottled Water Vending Machines On Campus?

Have you ever craved for some water to drink while at school? Have you ever run around campus searching for that precious water fountain only to find that it is bottle-vending-machine-300x291not working? If you answer yes, you are not alone. I recently conducted a survey among students in five high schools in the San Francisco Bay area. About 80% of them indicated that they regularly felt thirsty or extreme thirsty while attending school, and more than 90% stated that having better access to drinking water while at school would help improve their performance at school. Continue reading

2014 International Youth Food Culture Contest

As an avid enthusiast of food and culture as well as a strong believer of communication and collective wisdom, I often dreamed of organizing an event where students from different parts of the world come together to celebrate their passions in food and culinary arts and to share their thoughts on food, culture and life.

That ambition was put into action last year when I started to plan and develop the 2014 International Youth Food Culture Contest, the first international writing and art contest focusing on food culture for middle and high school students. After almost four months’ outreaching, campaigning, sponsorship-seeking, judging, and many more, I am thrilled to see the outpouring of support and interest from around the world. We have received submissions from middle and high school students around the world, celebrating their passions in food and culinary arts, sharing their reflections on the role of food on a specific culture, voicing their opinions about the impact of food in history and in today’s fast changing world, and expressing their desire for a better and healthier food environment. I am truly grateful that this contest has brought enlightenment, inspiration, and pride to so many peers around the world.

I’ve published the winners’ works on the contest web site at Continue reading