When Technology Comes to the Dining Table

By now, we have all become familiar with touch screen devices in airports, libraries, and other service facilities. But have you used a small screen at a restaurant table to order food, play games, and pay bills?

Today, upon arriving at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Fremont, California, I saw a cute, little device sitting on every dining table. The touch-screen device called “Ziosk” is the latest gadget that allows customers to study menus, make orders, call servers, pay bills and even play games at the tips of their fingers. I tried it for the first time. It turned out to be simple, convenient—and fun!  Continue reading

A Taiwanese Dim Sum Experience in Silicon Valley

I have long heard about Din Tai Fung, a popular international chain restaurant known for its exquisite steamed soup dumplings (“XiaoLongBao”) and other dim sum dishes. Originated from Taiwan, the chain now has many locations throughout Asia, the U.S. and Australia. The restaurants are usually situated in trendy shopping malls and bustling business centers.  Continue reading