Salmon Guacamole Chips – A Snack Experiment

We all have that “hungry” moment: walking home after a long day of school, the stomach craves a tasty snack—as tasty as possible.

Experiencing such a hunger attack today, I opened the fridge and created the following snack.

Unused-Image-SalmonChips Continue reading

Blueberry Shrimp Walnut Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Image 1

Shrimp salads are often made with shrimps boiled in plain water. How about adding a little flavor and color to the shrimps? How about adding some warm textures to the salad?

Today, I tried making a colorful salad dish with shrimps boiled in blueberry soup.  Continue reading

Pan Seared Lamb Rib Chop with Blueberry-Thyme Jus

image-9.blogImagine combining blueberries and thyme to add a sweet and herbal flavor to seared lamb rib chop. How will the combination taste?              

Being a little adventurous today, I made a lamb rib chop dish in blueberry-thyme jus, hoping it would bring a satisfying taste.  Continue reading

Arugula Chicken Sandwich—A Healthy and Easy-to-Make Lunch


unused-ArugulaSandwich.Image2Arugula, also known as Eruca sativa, salad rocket, garden rocket, rocket, roquette, rucola, rugula, etc., is often used in North America to make garden salad. This leafy green plant, low in calories but abundant in anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals, can also add taste, color, and rich nutrition to sandwiches.

Today, I used fresh arugula to make chicken sandwiches. I seared chicken breasts, roasted pancetta, made the dressing, and added arugula and tomato to complete the sandwiches—all within 20 minutes. Not a bad experience for making a healthy, tasty, and convenient lunch on a time-crunched day. Continue reading

Rabbit Braised in Homemade Garlic Ginger Chili Sauce

IMG_1There was an old person whose habits,
Induced him to feed upon rabbits;
When he’d eaten eighteen,
He turned perfectly green,
Upon which he relinquished those habits.
Edward Lear, English artist, writer (1812-1888)
known for his ‘literary nonsense’ & limericks

When I read the above limerick as a child, I thought that eating rabbits would help me get rid of my bad habits, at least the ones my mom always scolded me for. Well, I did not get a chance to eat rabbits. My problems stayed on.

That was then, this is now. I am glad to report that many of my childhood unpleasant habits are gone—not because I’ve eaten eighteen rabbits. I try to eat everything available to me in a healthy and interesting way, which helps me develop fine and uplifting habits.

Today, while shopping at Whole Foods Market, I caught site of some frozen rabbit meat. Remembering my childhood fancy, I decided to try cooking rabbit meat—in a healthy and interesting way.  Continue reading

Seafood Risotto—Recipe from an Italian Memory


          A few years ago while in middle school, I went on a trip to Venice where I had a chance to taste a uniquely flavored risotto. While eating the soupy risotto, a subtle flavor of fresh seafood permeated my palate, leaving a lasting impression in my mind. Seafood risotto—one of the many wonderful Italian foods we love, is one dish I have been hoping to experiment since my trip to Italy.   

          And here is my own recipe to cook a home-made seafood risotto.  Continue reading

A Special Blessing – Fresh Salad with Fast Kiwi-Banana Dressing


There are many wonderful ways to make salad dressings. Traditional salad dressings are often oil or vinegar based with salt and pepper added. For those who are health sensitive, dressings made from fresh fruits without oil, vinegar, salt, or pepper may be an appealing alternative.

Today, I made a salad dressing from fresh kiwi and banana—within five minutes. Before I started, I was more concerned with the nutrition facts than the taste. It would certainly be healthier, but would it be as flavorful as the traditional dressings? I was not sure.

Guess what? I was in for a delightful surprise.  Continue reading

A Colorful Stew without Gravy

Image-MainStew often comes with gravy—thickened with flour, starch, oil, or other added sauces. Making stew is usually a slow-cooking process. What if you want to have a warm, hearty stew dish but you are short of time? What if you want to stay away from the heavy gravy which can pack a lot of unhealthy fat and salt?  Continue reading

Seafood Pasta Glazed in Peach Sauce


There are many wonderful sauces to flavor a pasta dish, among which are the ones we routinely pick up from grocery stacks – Marinara, Alfredo, Bolognese, Mushroom Cream, etc. When you do not have time to run to the store, or when you just want to engulf your own palate with something new, it is time to create your own pasta sauce.

I happened to have some fresh peaches on my counter, luscious and ripe — perfect for experimenting with an exciting new pasta sauce. So, I tried this recipe out. Continue reading

A Colorful & Healthy Recipe for Fish Fillets


Fish fillets are usually oven-baked (which sometimes lacks vigor in flavors) or pan-fried (which is often overly greasy). Do you want to cook a fish fillet dish that presents succulent tastes, delightful colors, and varied nutrition? Here is one you can try. Continue reading