My Favorite Food Shows

I enjoy watching lots of food-related shows, ranging from crazy reality TV (I’ll admit it, despite it’s lack of culinary depth, Cutthroat Kitchen is sometimes fun to watch!) to cooking shows to more serious documentaries…as long as they involve food, I’ll watch it! Through watching these shows, I’m often inspired and amazed by chefs who share their creations that represent who they are. Here are some of my favorite food shows:

Masterchef is one of the most popular food TV shows, probably due to the presence of Gordon Ramsay and to the fact that it involves home cooks. Don’t worry, I think Ramsay comes off more mellow here than any of his other shows, and I’m definitely inspired by what cooks from all walks of life are able to accomplish in the kitchen…they have all touched the lives of those around them with food in some way.

Chopped There aren’t very many prolonged story lines on Chopped, mainly due to its short episodes with 4 new chefs each time, which puts the focus solely on the chef’s impromptu creations with the mystery box ingredients. I always feel rejuvenated seeing what the chefs can do in such a short time with ingredients we’ve all never heard of!

Top Chef is a reality competition show in which chefs compete in cooking challenges, with each season featuring a different city or region. I think it captures the perfect balance between the suspense, the fun of a reality TV show, and the beauty of culinary arts. Watch if you want some fun and action.

Chef’s Table is a documentary-style show exclusively on Netflix which follows a well-known chef in each episode. I love how the show gets into the creative process of each chef, and there are always lots of happy moments in each chef’s career.  Don’t expect too much action though, just lots of thoughtful stories and cooking.

Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown is not exclusively a food show. It is a sort of travel journal-type show that follows Bourdain in visiting exotic locales. I think Bourdain, while controversial, has a true talent for writing and exploration. I appreciate the fact that he brings to light to so many different ways of life around the world, often through food. That’s what food is all about!

Honorable mention to Good Eats, which unfortunately ended its run several years ago, but who didn’t love Alton Brown’s quirky take on food and cooking methods? There are also several Food Network cooking shows that I liked watching as a kid: 30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray, Barefoot Contessa, Everyday Italian. Mind of a Chef is also a documentary style show that follows a chef’s experiences. Each show has its unique twist and fun moments!

What are some of your favorites? Please share and I always look forward to watching new food shows.

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Food Shows

  1. Top Chef – yes! Have you seen the Great British Bake Off? (In the US I think they call it the Great British Baking Show.) You can probably find a couple of full seasons on YouTube. Sometimes PBS shows it in the US. It probably ties as my all-time fave along with Top Chef.

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