Restoring the Good Old Flavors in Tomatoes — A New Technology

TomatoesWhile reading the online ScienceDaily today, I came across a piece of interesting food news: scientists at University of Florida have discovered the key to restoring great tomato flavor. According to the news release, during the past 50 years or so, commercial tomatoes have gradually lost their original tasty flavors. To put the flavors back to tomatoes, scientists have studied the DNA in a tomato gene (called “alleles”), identified the chemical combinations for better tomato flavors, and used genetic analysis to replace alleles in modern tomato varieties so that they can be more flavorful. 

The technique involves classical genetics, not genetic modification, as it is “just fixing what has been damaged over the last half century to push them back to where they were a century ago, taste-wise.” To read this new release, click here.

This is certainly great news for food lovers. Tomato is one of the most common ingredients for cooking. If the tomatoes we buy at grocery stores taste as good as heirloom tomatoes, we will be able to make and eat more tasty salads, soups, and all sorts of dishes.

Technology never ceases to delight us, even when it comes to tomato flavors.

Maybe one day, technology will bring us flavors that we do not know of today. Be prepared to open you mind – and mouth – for new food technology development.

19 thoughts on “Restoring the Good Old Flavors in Tomatoes — A New Technology

  1. I have heard about GMO long back . They are genetically modified foods. However, the old flavours are restored, they seem to be a great threat to every organism in the earth including us. Technology should upgrade us but not degrade. This is my point of view. I apologize for not being with the topic

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    • According to the press release, this technique is “just fixing what has been damaged over the last half century to push them back to where they were a century ago, taste-wise,” and “involves classical genetics, not genetic modification.” So, hopefully, it will not pose serious threat to the environment and human health.

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  2. Not sure if this can be achieved, but indeed tomatoes are becoming so tasteless. I know that they are at the best in summer time, when they should be ripen and juicy and tasty, but even then it’s not the same taste l was used to as a child. Not to mention that the ones we buy from supermarkets look and taste like plastic. And the same happens to most fruit and vegetables. What a shame!

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  3. First off, you have an awesome blog! I lived abroad for almost 10 years. When I came back I noticed our tomatoes were flavorless. Even the ones I bought at the farmers market. Let’s hope this changes. A good tomato can be an all-star in a recipe.

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