Juggling Academics and Appetite — A Few Tips

We all have experienced that hungry moment: After long hours of homework, you suddenly crave a snack — something handy, tasty, and ideally, somewhat healthy.

Here are a few tips and suggestions for quick snacks that will boost your energy and satisfy your appetite during stressful times: 

Avocado Toast: This simple snack is one of my favorites: avocado on any type of toasted bread, and topped with whatever you’d like! This version I made has sliced avocado with smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, and drizzled with olive oil. The salinity and smokiness from the salmon adds a different dimension with the creamy avocado. You can also try with different breads, toppings, and smashed avocado.

Avcado Toast

Yogurt Parfait: Simple layers of yogurt, granola, and berries make a really fulfilling and tasty snack!

Yogurt Parfait

Kale Chips: Kale chips are pretty simple to make, simply bake small pieces of kale in the oven for 20 minutes at 250 to 300 degrees. They should come out crispy and crunchy!

Kale Chips

Smoked Salmon Spread with Crackers and Crudite: Smoked salmon dip can be made with cream cheese, minced smoked salmon, and herbs. Served with (just about anything!) crackers and sliced raw celery and carrot, it’s a good way to have some raw vegetables in a tasty combination!

Vegetable Dip

There are many ways to make a snack that fits your appetite and diet. Open up our mind (and mouth) and you’ll be surprised at how well you can juggle your academics and appetite.

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