Say No to Food Waste—A New Idea

I once blogged about what we can do to reduce food waste when I discussed how we as individuals can reduce food waste in our daily routines. Today, I read a very interesting news article on Huffington Post that talks about a new initiative to reduce restaurant food waste: buy leftover buffet food at huge discounts at local restaurants. 

buffetAccording to the article, this is how it works: You can go to a website (for example, BuffetGo) and find a participating restaurant near you. After you order your meal online and pay at a hugely discounted price, you can go to the restaurant at a designated time and fill a to-go container. The service company will split its profits with the restaurants and will donate a portion to charities. 

This is another example of how we can all benefit from reducing food waste:  By reducing the amount of food being dumped into landfills, we help improve the environment.  By donating a portion of the profits to charities, the service company helps the needy. The restaurants make some profits from food they would otherwise toss into garbage cans. We customers get a bargain price on fresh meals. I guess the food will taste a little better when we know that our bargain meals will help preserve the planet and provide for the needy.

buffet-saladThe article talks about distributing leftover buffet food to consumers. I believe that the same idea can be applied to different kinds of restaurants. Traditionally, restaurants donate their uncooked leftover ingredients to food recovery programs such as soup kitchens and food pantries which then distribute the food to the needy. But since soup kitchens and food pantries are generally reluctant to accept food that’s been cooked, restaurants tend to just throw unconsumed cooked food away. Handing these unconsumed cooked food to consumers as opposed to throwing them into dumpsters will benefit everyone.

One downside of this new food saving idea is that the person buying the leftover food will need to pick up the food around restaurant closing time which generally means a time past the regular dinner time. This also means that perhaps the food will not be eaten until the next day. For those who do not like the idea of eating overnight leftovers, this new food saving protocol may not be applicable.

There are many ways to preserve the environment, help others, and at the same, enjoy ourselves. This new idea is one of them. Let’s try it out.

P.S.: The opinion in this posting represents the blogger’s own thoughts. The blogger is not affiliated with BuffetGo in any way, shape, form, or manner, and the posting is not intended to be a promotion for BuffetGo 🙂

14 thoughts on “Say No to Food Waste—A New Idea

  1. Great post!! I have always thought about food waste because in my family since I was child my parents have been so strict about that. We also try hard to reduce food waste individually.

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  2. Thanks for shedding light on this issue. There is so much to go around, yet so many people go hungry even in developed cities! Knowing of so many places that toss food at the end of the night is quite sickening. Those restaurants and grocery stores that participate in food saving programs are to be commended. There’s also food waste that happens in a lot of homes, including mine. Over the years I’ve learned how to reduce waste drastically by not cooking for 8 when there’s only 4. If reducing food waste can also start at home first, it’s a wonderful thing. Great read.

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