Seafood Pasta Glazed in Peach Sauce


There are many wonderful sauces to flavor a pasta dish, among which are the ones we routinely pick up from grocery stacks – Marinara, Alfredo, Bolognese, Mushroom Cream, etc. When you do not have time to run to the store, or when you just want to engulf your own palate with something new, it is time to create your own pasta sauce.

I happened to have some fresh peaches on my counter, luscious and ripe — perfect for experimenting with an exciting new pasta sauce. So, I tried this recipe out.


– One large fresh peach
– One fresh lemon
– One cup of plain yogurt
– Two teaspoons of ground sugar
– Three cloves of garlic
– Two scallions
– About one cup of olive oil
– Four ounces of capellini or alternatively, other pasta
– Three fillets of seasoned salmon or alternatively, other seafood
– Fresh baby spinach or alternatively, other fresh vegetables


– Peel one large fresh peach, and cut into small pieces.

– Add one cup of olive oil into a pan and heat over medium-high heat. Add three cloves of peeled garlic. When the oil sizzles, place the salmon fillets on the pan. Turn heat down to medium and cook for about 2 minutes.

– Cut a lemon into two halves, and squeeze lemon juices onto the salmon fillets on the pan.

– Pour peach pieces into the pan.


– Cut scallions into one-inch stripes, and add to the pan.

– Close the pan cover and cook for about 5 to 10 minutes or until the salmon fillets are fully cooked.


– While the above is taking place, boil a large pot of water and place capellini into boiling water. Add a few drops of olive oil to the water to prevent the capellini from sticking together. Stir the water occasionally and cook for about two minutes. Remove the capellini to a plate.

– Take out the salmon fillets from the pan, and leave the sauce in the pan. Immediately add one cup of plain yogurt, 2 teaspoons of ground sugar, and a few drops of oil oil into the pan, stir to mix.


– Pour the sauce from the pan onto the cooked capellini, and stir to mix evenly.

– Add baby spinach and a cooked salmon fillet to the capellini. Time to enjoy!


It’s a new twist on one of my old favorites—and it’s delectable!

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