Spinach Salad with Scallop, Strawberry in Lemon & Pineapple Vinaigrette


There are many types of spinach salad. The most common ones include a mix of spinach with some types of nut, berry, bacon, and/or cheese and are served with a sweet vinaigrette-type dressing. While I enjoy the taste of conventional spinach salad, I have always wanted to try three new things for spinach salad: First, I want to try seafood as an ingredient for spinach salad so that we can have more protein intake from the salad. Secondly, I want to lightly cook the spinach to make it taste soft and warm. Finally, I want to make the vinaigrette dressing with fresh fruits. Below is my new recipe. Continue reading

A New Side Dish – Mashed Potato Sprinkled With Fresh Scallion and Jalapeño


As a common and popular ingredient for side dishes, potatoes are cooked in many ways and manners to supplement the taste, flavor, and nutrition of different kinds of main dishes. Mashed potatoes, for example, are often prepared by mixing milk and butter with boiled and mashed potatoes. While the creamy and soft texture of classic mashed potatoes always adds a delight to our sophisticated appetite, I want to try a new recipe where fresh vegetables are used in place of milk and butter to add flavor and taste to mashed potatoes. Continue reading

European Sea Bass Stuffed with Herb and Citrus


European sea bass, also called “Mediterranean sea bass” or “branzini”, is usually cooked as a whole fish due to its small size and slim shape. One way to get the best of the dedicate taste of this popular table fish is to cook it with stuffed ingredients. For their exotic and fresh flavor, I choose herb and citrus to stuff European sea bass. Continue reading