Pan Seared Swordfish Steak with Cream Sauce


Swordfish is a relatively bland fish, which means we can have fun adding all sorts of ingredients to give it a wide variety of different flavors. Today, I tried cooking swordfish steaks in a relatively mild way – with heavy cream, garlic, and green onions. Continue reading

A Warm Salad in Less than 20 Minutes


After a long walk home from school in the rain, I opened the fridge, craving for something that can warm me up. Making a hot soup is a good idea, but I really needed a healthy plate of vegetables and fruits to make up for the vitamins I missed all day. So I decided to make something new – a warm salad. And it needed to be ready quickly as I had very limited time to spare before preparing for tomorrow’s tests.

Here is how I got to satiate my appetite in less than 20 minutes: Continue reading